An Entrepreneur
and an Expert in
Business Systematization

My companies, Evolution Management and Insight, help entrepreneurs
across Russia and the CIS systematize and automate
their businesses.


A systematized business means that its leader has put together a team that works seamlessly together to achieve the company’s goals

What does it mean to be a “leader?” What does it mean to work “seamlessly together?” And what does setting business goals really come down to? You will find the answers to these and many more questions in this video tour of one of the companies that has this management system implemented.

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Key facts about me

Get to know Eugene Frolov better.

Owner of two successful companies

In business since 2003. Evolution Management and Insight grew 35% and 80% respectively in 2019. My companies employ a total of 80 people.

Business events speaker

I conduct workshops and seminars throughout Russia and the post-Soviet countries. The most popular topic for my talks is How to Systematize a Business. Getting out of Day-To-Day Operations While Increasing Your Profits.

I create and present webinars on systematized business

I regularly conduct live training sessions for business owners. Many of these are free. For example, I have a seminar for those who are just beginning the systematization process. It’s called Seven Exact Steps to Building a Systematized Business. You can sign up for the next one here.

Top business publications contributor

I frequently write articles on the subjects in my area of expertise for such magazines and websites as Forbes, CEO, Kommersant, and others.

Best-selling author of A Systematized Business. The Leader and Their Team; and My Company Runs without Me

I write books that help entrepreneurs put order into their companies. My new 2020 release is the book A Systematized Business. The Leader and Their Team. It is sold in all major bookstores in Russia. You can also get an autographed copy here.

Family man

I am very happily married. My beautiful wife Zulfiya is also my business partner. I have four sons, and they are my pride and joy. I always try to be a friend first for my boys.

There are always lots of things to handle in business but my family is my #1 priority.


Meet Evolution Management and Insight!

My two companies operate together like Yin and Yang to help our clients systematize and automate their businesses. Our can clients easily control them remotely from anywhere in the world.


Evolution Management: training and consulting services for business owners

Hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over Russia and the CIS have successfully completed Business Evolution—our consulting project that helped them systematize their businesses and increase profits. Join us!

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Watch the video on how we systematize our clients’ businesses and make them more profitable.

Over 10000
people attended our
workshops last year
average margin profit
increase for our clients
on our team
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Results of our clients

The numbers showing the increase in our clients’ profit and free time say it better than a thousand words.

66% growth after systematization


Before Systematization
  • Transported 1500 tons per month
  • Office 750 square ft
  • 10 employees
  • No expansion due to all processes being dependent on the owner
After Systematization
  • Transporting 2500 tons per month
  • New office 1600 square ft near a truck fleet center
  • 20 employees
  • 66% increase in revenue
  • New clients, including Sberbank, Shokoladnitsa Cafe, Chistaya Liniya, Stardog!s fast-food restaurants.
Yana Goulinchuk
Founder of GLP company
After systematization we changed our mind about
selling the business and increased revenue by 70 %

Production of original tailor's mannequins

Before Systematization
  • Employees constantly brought their problems to the owners instead of handling these on their own
  • The owners did not have time to work on strategy
  • Always solving yesterday’s problems instead of focusing on the future
After Systematization
  • Revenue growth from last year 50-70%
  • Employees began to take responsibility for solving problems
  • The company broke through the “glass ceiling” of expansion
  • Owners have more free time
Svetlana Lezina and Yulia Brazhnik
Co-Owners of RDF Group
In 8 months my income went up by 50%
and my staff increased by 20%

Construction and engineering surveys

Before Systematization
  • The owner was immersed in daily operational management
  • No expansion—instead of working on business development and launching higher-level facilities, the owner was engaged in handling day-to-day tasks
  • 45 employees
After Systematization
  • The owner has delegated all operational tasks and is now fully engaged in new business development
  • Revenue increased by 50%
  • 55 employees
Kyrill Narozhnikh
Owner of ProengGroup

Insight: automating the company’s management system

IT solutions for your business. We make it transparent, orderly and 100% under your control.

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Watch this video to learn more about Insight. See what we do and how exactly we can help business owners.

320 projects
on business's
20 hours
per week freed up from
the daily business grind
on the team

I regularly speak at business conferences

I speak at least once a month at various business conventions throughout Russia and the CIS countries. In my talks I cover all the facets of business systematization.

“Director General” Conference
The Leader’s Energy
Russian Sales Week
What a Systematized Sales Department is
Would you like me to speak at your event?

My books—an easy start in systematizing your business

The concentrated experience of a business owner who is an expert in business systematization.
Exactly what you need to know to take your first steps and get quick results. 

A Systematized Business. The Leader and Their Team

This book is for top executives. It is about scaling up your business through scaling yourself up and as well the people around you.

My Company Runs without Me

A working model for getting out of daily operational management. Fundamental information on delegation, management, and control.


Not just business.
My bio: events, dates, and numbers

If you would like to get to know me a bit better, this section is for you.

Where I come from

I'm the second child in my family. I was born in 1979 in Tsimlyansk, a small town with a population of fifteen thousand in the Rostov region. I spent my childhood in a small village with only 50 households. In short, I am literally the guy who came “from the middle of nowhere.”

  • 1979
  • 1989
  • 1995
  • 2000
  • 2001
  • 2002
  • 2003
  • 2007
  • 2019
  • Early Years & Skills

    Life in the village is a great opportunity to acquire many different skills. You could say I’m good with my hands. Throughout my childhood years I worked a lot with the land (planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, etc.) and helped out on our farm (we had cows, pigs, chickens, geese, etc.). However, my favorite was construction work. It made me really happy and I could run around with the hammer all weekend long. I am particularly proud of a two-story rabbit house I built in a month’s time.

    First Money

    When I was fourteen I started earning my own money. I was selling fish I caught with my Dad in the Don River. My first big purchase was a Playstation. Other sources of my income included making and selling dried fruits (mainly apricots), selling scrap metal and breeding rabbits for sale.

    1986 - 2000

    I was always a good student and had good grades. However in high school, I lost my interest in going to school. As a result, I went to college in the city of Novocherkassk where I mastered basic programming skills and graduated with honors. Later, I attended Don State University but dropped out in my second year, disappointed by the level of teaching. I had spent several months writing my term paper and created a program that could register orders. Basically, that was the great-great-grandfather of modern CRM systems. My teacher had given me the “A” without even looking at it, which completely discouraged me from further studies in that school. It became obvious that I had to find a different way to learn.

    Moving to Moscow

    Strangely enough, I had no ambition of conquering the capital. Well, to be more exact, I had—but it was the capital of Canada. I read somewhere that in that country with a maple leaf on its flag, programmers could make a very good living. I had no desire to go the refugee route, so my only chance to get into the “hockey superpower” was getting a Green Card. But that required $ 7,000. With my income of 1,500 rubles a month at the time (and I was already working in my professional field at a plant that produced agricultural equipment) it was not an option, even with a good exchange rate. So my idea was to move to Moscow, make money, and then go to Canada.

    My Career and Start in Business
    2002 - 2003

    But things didn’t go according to plan. I quickly got a job in a trading company, where in a year and a half I went from a regular programmer to the head of the IT Department. By that time I had stopped thinking about Canada. I had seen Moscow from the inside and realized that there were just as many opportunities there. But I had to choose my path—where do I go from here? The option of becoming the Head of Operations was not that appealing to me. I didn’t really like sales, so I made a bold move and created my own company.

    If at First You Don’t Succeed…
    2003 - 2006

    My first two attempts to start a business failed: letting my employees go, paying off debts and working hard to handle clients—the whole nine yards … Only my third attempt was successful. It was Insight-Alliance, the company that sold (and sells to this day) accounting software and helps with its implementation. Jumping ahead, I sold it later and opened a new company, Insight. However, that’s another story.

    The Takeoff
    2007 - 2019

    A consulting business was my next step after Insight. My wife had started a company where I joined her in 2012. She was the CEO until her second maternity leave in 2015 when I replaced her and began running the company. Today, Evolution Management has a different CEO. I delegated that position in 2019 and now focus on the responsibilities of the owner (for example, I write books).

    What We Are up to Today

    At the time of this writing, both of my businesses are thriving and expanding. Insight, my IT company, has a staff of 20 people, and Evolution Management, 55. Both companies have CEOs and I’m not involved in daily operational management. We now have over a hundred on-going consulting projects with companies for their business systematization and automation. In 2019, my companies respectively grew by 93% and 37%. In addition to all this, I regularly give educational talks on the subject of Systematized Business in the post-Soviet countries.

    My Family

    As you already know, I am a family man. I have an amazing, beautiful wife, Zulfiya and four kids, all boys. The eldest is currently in a private business school in the US. I am particularly proud of that as I believe that providing the best possible education for my children is one of my main responsibilities as a father.

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